For starters, thanks for checking out Handwritten.

I know the thought of taking your project to someone new or someplace unfamiliar can be an unnerving one. I appreciate the fact that you have gotten this far and hope to make you feel comfortable enough to be yourself from the onset.

Recording, mixing, and mastering audio can be a complicated process- but it is made much less complicated when someone can make it relevant to your particular project and sound.

When you work a project here, we work the way you want to work- at the pace you want to work. I don’t tell you how to record, I tell you the potential consequences of working in a variety of ways. I don’t mix the record for you mysteriously, I discuss with you the options that are relevant for the most powerful delivery of it. Mastering isn’t a formula, its a technical process where we determine exactly how we want the listener to experience your audio. This is a collaborative process where you are encouraged to have as much input in to the production as you did in the creation.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, ideas, etc.

Looking forward to it,
Rick Riggs