To say we are getting back to business as usual would be a gross misunderstanding of the times.  However, there is enough information (and interest) where getting back in here makes sense. Things are going to look a little different, but like everything else that comes along with making a record here, we will figure […]

Alone Together

I truly don’t know how to start this other than by telling you how hopeful I am that you are all staying healthy, sane, and as optimistic as these times allow.  I also want to say thank you to the many people who have reached out.  I have found so much comfort, joy, and reassurance […]

Hindsight / 2020

I am not nostalgic. <Long exhale> But, damnit, this decade ending nonsense has led me to take a momentary look back to assess the past ten with an eye toward the future.  Looking back at ten years of work brings an abundance of feelings streaming to the surface.  Joy? Check.  Pride? Check. Regret? Check. Confusion? […]

The Long and The Short, The Micro and The Macro, The Yin and The Yang.

What role can I play to help get you to the best version of your work? Pretty straightforward question that I obsess over frequently in the minutes before falling asleep each night.  One simple answer is that I should be a technical extension of you, your ideas, and what you are trying to achieve. But, […]

FAQ: “What’s my production style?”

I have been fielding this question a fair amount lately so I figured what better use of the Blah-g than to attempt a mass answer to a relevant question. The short answer to this question is honestly that I hope to not have a specific production style.  And I don’t mean that in the dick-ish […]

AutoTune. AutoTune! AutoTune?

Contrary to the modern temperature of the debate, I don’t have a scorched earth stance on AutoTune.  It doesn’t set my hair on fire, I don’t think its ruining music, and I respect your opinion on it knowing that it might differ from mine.  AutoTune just happens to be a polarizing practice since it’s a […]

Three Scenarios. Three Records. One Double Decker Pizza.

If there is anything I ever hope for in writing these Blah-g posts, it is to show the flexibility in this process.  No two (or three) records ever have the same working rhythm but they all eventually reach an end. Three records were finished here in the last couple of days- and they all had […]

Not a scene, Not a sound…

This is a workspace.  I realize it sounds a bit vanilla in an landscape where we are constantly trying to distance ourselves from the bland.  But it’s just the truth- vanilla, mint chocolate chip, or otherwise.  The significance of this place is that is provides a controlled environment for you- and I – to be […]

Nostalgia is for the Week.

I am not a nostalgic person.  Call me an optimist, unsentimental, whatever.  I just prefer to look forward. But this is the one week of year where I catch myself looking back at where I have been, the people who have come through here, the noises we have made, the relationships I have, how I […]

What the f— happens in a Pre-production discussion?

Pre-production discussions are some of my favorite conversations. Aside from easing general anxiety (and proving that we exist beyond email addresses), they allow us to have a pressure-less conversation about the specifics of your project.  Here is a hit list of things that generally get covered in a Handwritten preproduction discussion. Tour of the Space. […]