If there is anything I ever hope for in writing these Blah-g posts, it is to show the flexibility in this process.  No two (or three) records ever have the same working rhythm but they all eventually reach an end. Three records were finished here in the last couple of days- and they all had different ways of getting there.

  1. Load in on a Saturday.  Track the record Saturday / Sunday.  Band leaves with the monitor mixes we had been listening to over the course of tracking.  I worked on the mixes over the course of the next couple of weeks.  Put them up to DropBox. Band comes back in to tweak some of the mixes in person.  Record finished- out for falafel to celebrate.
  2. Tracked the record across a day here and there over the course of a nine months.  Mixed the tracks in the moment with the artist.  Put each mix on an external hard drive at the end of each session.  Record finished, ate too much food over the course of the sessions to even quantify.  But one time we had a double decker pizza.  It was equal parts delicious / disturbing.
  3. Tracked the record across four hours.  Mixed the record in the moment. Notes were sent via email, mixes were adjusted to reflect the notes.  Up to DropBox. Record was finished.  No food was eaten during the making of this record.

What does this go to show you? Sometimes someone tells you about a double decker pizza and you just have to see what the fuss is about.

Also, this process unfolds as you need it to.

Talk soon.


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