I am not nostalgic. <Long exhale>

But, damnit, this decade ending nonsense has led me to take a momentary look back to assess the past ten with an eye toward the future.  Looking back at ten years of work brings an abundance of feelings streaming to the surface.  Joy? Check.  Pride? Check. Regret? Check. Confusion? Check. Laughter? Check. Satisfaction? Check?. Disgust? Check. (Double Decker Pizza??? Who the f— needs that in their life?).

But the overwhelming feeling I kept coming back to is just gratitude.  Gratitude that you all have come here to trust me with your art and your time.  I know how precious both are and it is truly humbling to be a part of either.

You see, this is an imperfect process.  There is no formula to get from silence to recordings that surpass expectations (the goal).  It takes work.  It takes trust.  It takes honesty.  It takes A LOT.  But my goal, from the jump, has always been to let you know that I am in it WITH you.  We are not going to be perfect.  But we are going to work to get to a place where we feel we arrived at a place where we can stand behind the recordings proudly.

And then we do it again.  Because that’s just what we do.  We make noise. Then we try and figure out the best way to deliver it.  We get smarter. We get more efficient. We keep working. We grow. We don’t eat double decker pizzas ever again.




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