This is a workspace.  I realize it sounds a bit vanilla in an landscape where we are constantly trying to distance ourselves from the bland.  But it’s just the truth- vanilla, mint chocolate chip, or otherwise.  The significance of this place is that is provides a controlled environment for you- and I – to be comfortable, creative, and efficient.

Holy shit.  I just gave the least “cool” description of a recording studio you will read today.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of this place having some sort of identity- I just want it to be yours while you are working here.  Scenes change, sounds evolve.  Let’s make your record independent of both.

You see, one of the most common questions I get around here, “What kind of studio are you? What style of music do you work on? What sounds are you most comfortable with? Etc…”  Don’t get me wrong, I understand the thought that would get you to ask the question-  I just don’t want to be working so narrowly that the answer is easy to get back to you with.

Being identified with a particular scene or sound limits the possibilities of what the next moment sounds like here- and I have no interest in being tethered to anything other than your vision of your record.  My buzz lies in the effective delivery of noise- regardless of genre, scene, or sound.  I don’t want to work on psych folk record after psych folk record or rap record after rap record.  And you don’t want me to either.  It’s through working on jazz record that I’m invigorated to work on a <insert genre here> record.  The beauty of this place is that it is a blank canvas at the start of every single project.  It takes the shape of its inhabitants- and that is exactly the way I want it to be.

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