Trust the person from moment one.  Simple, but important that I start from a place of trust with you.  I trust that you have a direction for the recording and that you will make the best decisions to get there.  I hope you start at the same place with me.  It just makes more sense for us to start as believers in each other rather than skeptics.

Communicate without reservations.  Personally, not a fan of awkward conversations… so we just skip to the part where we talk genuinely to each other from the onset.  If I think a decision you’re about to make has poor recording consequences, I will speak up.  If you disagree with the way I’m mixing a signal, so will you.  If you are eating a Subway sandwich in the control room, I will tell you that you are eating something that tastes like nothing. Its just the way it has to be for us to be efficient / effective / friends.

Explore the possibilities. One of the most exciting parts of making a record is the infinite ways we can deliver it.  Remaining open to sounds or ideas that we didn’t necessarily envision from the jump is how make innovative, exciting recordings.  *This could also have been titled, “Trust your instincts” because nobody needs to hear you flesh out a theremin idea for any extended amount of time.  Sometimes saying no is just as creative as yes.

Enjoy the process.  I wanted to title this “Have Fun” but didn’t want to sound like your mother. You get the point.  Sometimes putting together a record can get a little bit on the heavy side- and then you realize you get to hang out with people you respect and express yourself by building noise from silence.  Its a pretty enjoyable experience when you let it be. Enjoy it. Make Jokes. Eat guacamole while you listen to playback, etc.

Appreciate the result.  Honestly, the hardest part for me.  No one has ever made a perfect record.  Ever.  Appreciate the record for what it is, whatever it is.  Trust me, its smarter than resenting yourself for the snare not being .5 dB louder.  Trust me, I’ve gone that route before and the former is much more rewarding.

Talk soon.


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