One of the most common questions I get is, “Do I produce records?”.  Super fair question.  I actually think its a better question to gauge personality on the response more than anything else.  (musical rorschach test?)

Anyways, my stock answer used to be “No, you do. I’ll help.” – but I’m starting to think it either makes me sound flagrantly indifferent or fails to communicate just how active I can be if the situation calls for it.  The line between producer and engineer is often a blurry one- and most people feel the need to differentiate the two in order to qualify one or the other.  I get it.  I just don’t feel the overwhelming need to say this is exactly what I will or won’t do in the context of a recording session.

If making records for an extended amount of time has taught me anything its that the process is fluid. Ideas appear. Situations evolve. Needs change.  Im comfortable in whatever role makes the recording sound how you need it to.  If you need me to sit down at the piano and bang out a few notes- so be it.  If you need me to sit at the console, work frequency, and stay out of your way- I’ll know it.  If you need me to suggest multiple mixing avenues- lets get to work. I don’t know what label that entitles me to, I just know that I am not concerned with it.


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