Dear Diary,

Exercising restraint is often one of the most difficult challenges in putting together recordings.  The opportunities we have in building sound from silence are endless- and we can easily fall in to the trap of associating “more” with “better”.  We can always add another layer to our arrangements- but does it make an impactful difference? Yes? Great. No? Mute.  I often think the effectiveness of a recording hinges on knowing when to be minimal / maximal.

The same can be said in delivering noise.  Manipulating audio is easier than ever- and we have the tools to do virtually all imaginable things with audio.  But sometimes those tools can overcomplicate our process.  Availability does not mean necessity. Just because I am able compress something doesn’t mean I always need to.  Just because I have reverb at my fingertips doesn’t mean every vocal needs it.  Sometimes creativity is about saying no as much as yes.

This post does not relate to pizza toppings.


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